7 Filipino YouTube Channels to Subscribe

screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-11-59-50-pmThe current trend now is vlogging which is blogging in a video form. I know that we have come to know that there are a lot of choices on who to follow and subscribe to. But don’t worry because I got you covered!  Here is a list of top YouTube channels in the Philippines which might tickle your interest.

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Judy is a Canada-based Filipino who has a husband, Benjamin Travis, and three cute tots named Keira, Miya and Julianna. Her vlog features daily appearances of these four beautiful creatures and how does she handles her life as a mom. Basically, this YouTube channel is for people who find joy and inspiration through family.

2. Wil Dasovich (Tsong and Tsonggo)

This channel features the daily life of Wil Dasovich, a Fil-Am model in the Philippines. His YouTube channel is kind of random because this guy is out and about in the Philippines. He shows different events, BTS (behind-the-scene) coverage of endorsements, travel blogs, family life, inspirational videos and everything in between. Lastly, you will be surprised on how well he can speak in Filipino and beki language as he calls it.

3. Janina Vela

Janina is a teenager who deals with every day life of balancing her schoolwork and vlogging. She features BTS and collaborations with other YouTubers in her channel. You will likely follow her if you want to find a YouTuber that teens like us could relate to. Plus, it is fun to watch how she multitasks school and her career with optimism. Stay positive, Janina!

4. Mikey Bustos

Mikey is a Filipino who was based on Canada when he rose to fame in YouTube. He currently resides in Manila and vlogs about parodies of songs. He recently ventured in creating videos which tackle social and political issues with a twist! The issues are subtlety shown, but the message is still evident. His videos are funny, but still contain substance. All I can comment about your vlogs is “hear hear, Mikey!”

5. laureenuy

Laureen Uy’s channel is often called as BMS or Break My Style. She is a well-known lifestyle blogger and beauty guru in the Philippines. In her channel, she features beauty and fashion hacks that you girls will surely love.  She also does video collaborations with her fellow fashion bloggers. Finally, Laureen’s vlog is not just constrained in the vicinity of our country, but also abroad! She frequently travels abroad so we can get updates on the latest fashion trends and shows out there.

6. Erwan Heussaff

Commonly known as the writer and owner of The Fat Kid Inside blog, Erwan has transformed into that “fat kid” he calls himself to a food critic and a chef of healthy gourmet food. He features different flavors around the world and fusion of it through his YouTube channel. He also presents the authentic cuisine from different countries he visits! As cliché as it may sound, “food is love and food is life” and Erwan is a living proof of that because he surrounded his life with (what else?) food. For foodies out there, this channel is dedicated for all of you. Have fun drooling!

7. Jason Magbanua

Jason Magbanua’s channel makes us experience to reminisce the moments of yesteryears through his videos. He specializes on SDE (same day edit) videos and nuptial videos which occasionally features celebrities or high-profile clients. I personally love his videos because all of the elements he puts into it are brilliantly incorporated. What makes his videos set apart from others is how authentic and heartfelt he makes his videos. Kudos, Jason!

There you have it! Seven YouTube channels that would cater to your wide variety of interest. Here’s the end of my blog and the start of your YouTube videos marathon. Enjoy!

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