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For years now, teenagers like myself, young adults, and even working girls have been into lifestyle blogs. These may serve as diaries for bloggers; as for viewers, these serve not just as entertainment, but also as a guide to life. Bloggers who focus on lifestyle, fashion and beauty share their styles and their experiences which we can surely learn from. Not only are they bloggers, but also huge influencers who show what a Filipina is to young Filipina women of today. 

Who are the people that first come into your mind when you hear fashion and beauty bloggers? A few of the names who pop up are: Liz Uy, Dani Barretto, and Kim Jones. Continue reading for more!


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One of my personal favorites is celebrity stylist and “It Girl” Liz Uy. Liz only used to do cover shoots but today, she is already a cover girl herself. Liz’ blog and social media accounts are reflection and proof of her charmed life. It wasn’t just an overnight thing for her, though, as she worked her way to the top when she started out as an editorial assistant for Preview magazine in 2004. She also has a book that got published in 2014, StyLIZed: Liz Uy’s Ten Style Essentials. Looking at her Instagram now makes me wish I had her job, not to mention her closet! You sure are going to fall in love with her style (Because I did), see for yourself here!


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Next up is Liz’ younger sister, Laureen (Talk about sister goals!). Laureen is best known for being a fashion blogger. Liz and Laureen may have a close relationship as sisters but of course they still have their differences, most especially when it comes to fashion. What can be noticed from the two is that Laureen has an edgier style than Liz’ chic and sophisticated wardrobe. Still, both are equally as bold. Aside from her fashion expertise, Laureen continues to charm her viewers with her lovable personality.

See the world through Laureen’s eyes.


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In all honesty, I am at a loss for words when it comes to Kim Jones. In a good way, of course. She gets to travel and watch fashion shows all around the world, yet stay as chic as ever despite the hectic schedule. One more thing to love about Kim is how sophisticated she is; I mean, just look at her; the woman reeks of class. Her beauty will leave you breathless. Kim has always been every kikay girl’s fashion, job and just. basically. LIFE. goals (or as how some call it, peg)!

Kim’s Instagram | Kim’s Blog


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Despite coming from a family of famous celebrities, blogger Dani Barretto took on a different path and chose to make a name for herself in the field of fashion design. Dani’s passion for fashion began when she was around 14 or 15. When she was asked about it, she had one thing to say:

I’m doing this because this is what I like. This is really my passion. And I want to inspire people and I want to reach out to people because of my fashion sense, my fashion outlook or perspective. Just remember, do it for the right reasons and you’ll never go wrong.

Lesson: be yourself and do what you love.

Dani’s Instagram | Dani’s Blog


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Kryz, a Management major in Communications Technology graduate from Ateneo de Manila University, started her blog as a project way back in 2009. At present, she is a lifestyle, travel, fashion and beauty blogger. She also went to Mod’Art International Paris to study Luxury Brand Management and Fashion Design at the School of Fashion and the Arts here in Manila. All that being said, Kryz is both beauty and brains. 

Aside from her features in several local magazines, you may check her blog out. 

Kryz’ Instagram


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