Juan Tamad is back!

Juan Tamad? Sounds familiar? Well, most of you probably know him because your parents used to call you that when you were little. Or maybe you heard your teacher once using it as a reference when you were too lazy to do your homework. Nevertheless, I am pretty sure that most of the people in our generation do not know this guy very well.

I honestly thought that this guy was just someone made up by Filipinos for name-calling. However, did you know that Juan Tamad is actually a character in the Philippine folklore? As the meaning of his name suggests, he is known for his extreme (and I mean VERY extreme) laziness (for those who do not know, Tamad is the Tagalog translation of “lazy”). There are also numerous stories made about him with different plots, films and even a TV show. I bet you didn’t know that!

Juan Tamad, I believe, has already become a part of the Philippine culture not because he is a manifestation of a Filipino (which implies that most Filipinos are naturally lazy) but because he became very iconic especially in the 20th century. Knowing this, it is sad to think that he is no longer known to most children of the present generation unless the school requires them to read his stories. This concern bothered Teddy Catuira of Tooch Inc. and motivated him to create a purely Filipino game app called Juan (Not) Tamad.


This “Proudly Pinoy” app definitely screams Filipino. Besides the fact that it is made by pure Filipinos, its visual graphics, together with its one of a kind background music, gives you some sort of tribal and ethnic feeling while playing. It also gives you the option to read the text in our own national language.


Juan (Not) Tamad  is a game filled with puzzles and challenges to solve. It may be said to be made for kids but don’t be fooled! Some levels aren’t really as easy as you think! I myself had a challenging time getting past the THIRD puzzle of the FIRST level. This game really tests your visual logic and spatial skills but at the same time, you get to help Juan Tamad change his lazy ways!

What I like about this game is its relation with the adventures of Juan Tamad. Each level begins with a story about one of Juan’s lazy days that is connected to that certain level. For example, the first level tells the story of Juan Tamad and the Bayabas Tree and in relation to that, the objective of each puzzle in that level is to help Juan reach the guava by rearranging the stairs. Through this, kids would be able to learn more about Juan Tamad’s adventures while helping him in doing his activities.

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In my opinion, Juan (Not) Tamad is indeed a creative way to re-introduce a forgotten part of the Filipino culture to our generation today. It is not only for the young but also for the young at heart!

Juan (Not) Tamad is available and free in both the App store and Google Play.


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