OPM: Reborn


Music has a huge role in the Filipino culture. From singing karaoke with our family and friends, to taking part in a local church choir, the love and talent that Filipinos have for music is very evident. Now, combine this national love for music and the dynamic minds of millennials today, we have the rebirth of original Pilipino music or OPM.

Among the many emerging Filipino artists today, there is one particular lady that is taking the Philippine music industry by storm (pun intended). This talented girl is none other than Clara Benin.

Born and raised in the Philippines, daughter of Joey Benin and Eva Marie Benin (former Side A bassist and songwriter), the 22-year-old dubbed herself as a “coffee shop” musician in previous interviews. Having been exposed to music at such a young age, Benin became proficient in playing musical instruments like piano and guitar. These skills helped her to be able write and produce her own songs. 

I came across this artist when a friend recommended her song “Araw’t Gabi” which she wrote and recorded for the Filipino independent film Red. The record’s rawness and the beauty of the lyrics had left such an effect on me that it propelled me to create my own rendition of it. 

 Due to my fascination with her, I eventually discovered her independently released full album entitled Human Eyes. Needless to say, I was hooked! Clara Benin became both an obsession and an inspiration. Her soft, and smooth voice stands out from the sound of most artists today which makes her unique and gives her compositions more character. Clara gives a fresh, new take on Filipino music with her indie touch and genuine lyrics that listeners can easily relate with.  

Clara Benin performing “Fix You” featuring Bullet Dumas, Live at Confessions (2016)

With her attention-grabbing yet humble aura and her unquestionable musical talent, it’s no wonder that from being a “coffee shop” artist, Clara is making a name for herself and could possibly be one of the people who could change the way Filipinos view OPM. True enough, just recently the folk-indie songwriter sold out her first ever solo concert in a span of 30 minutes after its initial announcement. A second night was added due to the demand of the fans.

At the moment Benin is currently on a hiatus (she did not specify for how long in her Facebook post) in order to focus on herself and on her music. Nonetheless, it seems like there’s no way to go but up for this lady.

Philippine media – music in particular – is experiencing a major remodel, and it is in the form of Clara Benin.



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is inclined to multimedia arts.

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